What is the Beagle Dog Personality Like?

Beagles can be characterized into many things, its personality is a mixture of smartness, friendliness and they are generally affectionate, playful and very curious. Due to their size, they look lovable and full of life. It can be seen that they are highly energetic and can exhibit these traits by jumping and playing around, scaling fences and crawling under fences just to release pent-up energy and satisfy their playful mood.

Under its personality, its temperament comes into play, it can be seen that a beagle has a mild temperament, so you would most often see a beagle always playing around with children and other pets; therefore you can call it an ideal family pet dog.

When a beagle is around the family owners, it exhibits a trait of obedience and they can be very endearing when they are shown love and care. Generally, beagles play a lot and can run around the yard for a long time just for fun. They require a lot of activity, so these require a lot of exercises and regular visits to the park, which helps keep their weight down and prevent boredom.

Looking at its personality we can observe the beagle from the following: behavior and trainability

Behavioral traits

Some common behaviors of the beagle are excessive barking and it is seen that they sometimes exhibit destructive behaviors as well as separation anxiety. We can then say that a beagle’s behavior is influenced by its present environment and the environment of its past. When its present environment proves suitable, that is filled with enough care and playful activities it is likely to be calm and good-natured, so also, its past environment has the tendency to influence its behavior, for instance, if a beagle has been separated from a family whom he has already grown accustomed to, or even parents who have helped to nurture it a tender age, then moving it to a new environment feels like starting all over again, we may find that he is initially unsettled emotionally.

As said earlier, the beagle is energetic and a playful beagle is a happy beagle, so in order to make use of that energy, it would require the owner to take the beagle for a long walk so that by the time they are back, they will have little or no energy left to exhibit those destructive behaviors.

Another important measure to take to prevent your beagle’s destructive nature is by giving them a toy to play with or a bone to chew; this can obviously make your beagle happy and distracted and keep them from unnecessary destructive behaviors.

Since amongst its behavioral traits is cheerfulness when shown affection and friendliness with other pet and when in the company of people, it is good not to leave your beagle alone for too long. When this attention seeking breed are left alone, they tend to howl and give signals of boredom thereby exhibiting excessive barking.


Many times, beagles have been called stubborn dogs and when it comes to training the beagle, you really require a lot of patience to get him to adapt to the day to day activities, once your beagle has gotten used to your style, he would surely go on to be a perfect pet for your family and at the same time, a great hunting dog.

It has been perceived that as beagles are active and curious you cannot fully depend on them to guard your home. They can bark but it should not be expected that they would confront an intruder. So when looking for a beagle to secure your premises, do not look unto a beagle dog.

A well-known personality trait of a beagle is to make friends really fast but it may show a sign of withdrawal towards strangers and easily turns around to show its ability to be friendly by wagging its tail and jumping around. A distinguishing character of a beagle is that as true hounds so they can chew at any and everything, they have been marked to have an appetite for just anything. So you need to be careful not to leave your food or any fragile or expensive items within your beagles reach.

The beagle breed like most scent hounds have a distinct doggy odor, so when you tend to own one, you must take proper care of it. It is also known that the size of the beagle is really convenient for a pet dog, its sturdy nature provides for athleticism and also has a short-easy-care coat. The features of a beagle show that once past puppy stage, some gets easily overweight for its size, so care must be taken to watch the number of calories the beagle consumes. His life expectancy is at a minimum of 12 years.

Generally, dog owners go for pets that have distinctive qualities, some of these qualities are cuteness, delightfulness, friendliness, these are some of the qualities that the beagle dog has and that is why this particular breed of dogs is one of the most popular hounds in America and England.

Other distinctive features of the beagle

Beagles have a personal liking for space where they can play around. If a beagle is given then quality life that he deserves, he would definitely show his appreciation by being loyal because it is known that beagles are some of the most loyal dogs around.

Looking at a beagle’s nature, you would notice that it’s highly likable, his big sheepish eyes make the dog look so lovable and innocent. The beagle’s weight range is 18 – 30lbs while the females also weigh between 18 – 30lbs. It may be seen that their weights are comparable between the male and the female, the same cannot be said about their height, as a male height can get up to 15 inches while the female is slightly shorter and reaches up to 13 inches.

Looking at a beagle you would notice that it has floppy ears that drop down naturally, for a beagle, you must understand that his exercise routine requires between 20 – 40 minutes per day. Since the beginning, it was known that beagles were bred mainly for the purpose of hunting rabbits which make them excellent hunting dogs.

There are times when beagles have no hold of their appetite and can be at their best behaviors when given a food reward. Here are some of the features possessed by a beagle

  1. Energy level (Average) – For a dog breed the size of a beagle, having an average energy level means it has high energy, so the beagle can be relied upon for whatever task it is required to do. As a matter of fact, its energy level according to its size makes it quite nimble and requires a release of energy daily in order to keep its shape since most beagles have the tendency to put on excess weight when left inactive for a while.

2. Longevity range – The average age a beagle can live is between 12 – 15 years and you can say that it is an appropriate age range for a dog to live.

3. Tendency to drool –We know that most canine dogs drool from their mouths a lot, some are more obvious than others, looking at the beagle, you would observe that it has a low drool level and that is a good thing for dog owners who do not exactly enjoy the sight of copious saliva gushing out of their pet’s mouths.

4. The tendency to snore – Well, for a beagle, you can rest assured that you would not be woken up his loud snore as he has a low tendency towards it and this is considered positive for their owners.

5. The tendency to bark – The beagle is a very loud dog and has a high tendency to bark, this could be a positive or a negative thing depending on what the dog owner wants. Barking isn’t totally a negative thing especially for some dog owners who are security conscious and do not mind intruders being barked off their residence, whether or not, the dog has the tendency to confront the intruder, it at least helps to warn and ward them off.

Other distinguishing features of beagles includes its muscular solid build with a slightly dome-shaped skull. They have a broad nose, their ears are long and their muzzle is squarish. Their chest is deep with a straight back and with a moderately long tail that is carried high. Their coats are usually smooth, dense and are usually in colors like black, tan and white.

Overall, the personality of a beagle dog involves a lot of qualities, they have existed for hundreds of years, which makes them one of the most familiar breeds in the world, in fact, they have existed since the early 1400s in early England, beagles were usually found in packs by hunters on foot and they were known as pocket beagles. Today some beagles may still be used individually or in packs for hunting but most times they are more often used as lovable house pets.

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