We are Getting a Beagle Puppy Today

“Annie! I just had the greatest idea ever!” I shouted into the phone, talking to my best friend one sunny morning in June.

“Girl, it’s too early. You can’t have good ideas this early.” She replied skeptically, I understood.

“Okay, first of all, it’s not a good idea. It’s the greatest idea ever.” – I heard her scoff through the phone, but I carried on talking. – “Second, I didn’t have such a wonderful idea this early. I thought about it last night around 2 am when I couldn’t fall asleep.”

“That’s even worse!” she interrupted, but I ignored her again.

“Listen to me! At least I had the decency to wait until the morning to tell you. Now, are you ready?” – I purposely made a long pause – “I’m adopting a dog!”

I received a well-deserved squeal of excitement through the phone.

“I love dogs!” she exclaimed

“I know! Me too! Come with me, and we’re getting a beagle today!” I told her.

“Just a beagle?” she questioned me with amusement clear in her voice.

“Don’t question me, I want a beagle dog, and no one can stop me.” I finished our conversation with determination.

Just as planned, she was ready when an hour later I showed up at her house. We were dressed comfortably and ready to travel the entire country if necessary to find me my new best friend in the entire world. It happened to be the perfect day, just sunny enough but not too hot. We even crossed paths with several dogs down the road. They were all beautiful, and they warmed my heart and strengthened my decision. I just wanted a cute little dog at my house, and I had to make it happen.

The first pet shop we visited was wonderful, magical even. There were so many animals and so many toys and clothes and anything you could have imagined. However, there were no beagles in sight. I did plan on visiting again to buy cute little clothes for my future best friend. Once Annie was done with talking to the fishes in the tanks we were able to move on. And then it happened.

It was the most magical experience. I swear it had to have been fate. Annie, of course, made fun of me for that comment. But it was just perfect! We walked into the closest animal shelter and imagined my surprise when the first thing my eyes land on is a cage that had a beagle puppy. It was one of those moments when, in a movie, you would hear angels singing.

I have a feeling I blacked out for a few minutes. I don’t remember doing the paperwork or talking to people. Maybe Annie did all of that while I was busy getting acquainted with my new best friend. When I was finally able to pick him up, and he started licking my face, knowing he had a new home, it was one of the happiest moments of my life.

“Mickey! I’m so, so happy I found you!” I repeated again and again as we cuddled on the way out of the store.

“You sound as if you know him as if you had lost and found him,” Annie commented and laughed at me.

“Don’t be a jealous aunt. This is kind of a soul mate thing. Isn’t it, Mickey?” I asked the puppy on my arms.

We decided to go back to the fantastic store from early. All the while Mickey and I switched back and forth between me carrying him because I just needed to have him as close as possible and the little guy running by himself as far as his provisional leash allowed. He was a puppy full of energy, but he didn’t complain when I picked him up.

Once in the store, it was like a cute hell broke loose. Everything about puppies is just so, so cute. First, we got down to the basics, vaccines, a new leash and collar, food, vitamins, hygiene stuff, I got all he could need. Then the fun started. We moved through the toy section like a tornado. Annie and I were acting like little kids, impressed by every single toy that let out a sound. When the workers in the shop didn’t notice we allowed Mickey to chew on a couple of toys. I mean, he had a right to choose his favorite.

When we made it to the clothing section, we turned it into a runway show. There were a few more dog owners there, with or without their dogs and they were the perfect audience. Mickey started trying out clothes, as much as he was allowed to.

We did it everything, sweaters, sports-themed shirts, tuxedos, I got him in a dress just to see how he looked like a princess and I must say he was a beautiful one at that. Everybody present cheered him each time. I mean, how could they not? Would anybody ever tell a puppy he didn’t look precious while trying out clothes? No one is that heartless.

All the while Mickey acted like a perfect little gentleman dog. He was a little black, brown and white angel that I would cherish forever. He had all the onlookers enamored. The last thing we got for him was a comfy little bed with bones printed all over it so he could have sweet dreams every night. I skipped sharing the fact that would probably sleep with me in my bed.

“Oh my Goodness! Look at him. I’m going to be the best aunt ever.” Annie continued to gush just as she had done the entire day.

“He’s a little prince. Goodbye Mickey. You’re welcome to come by any time.” The kind girl that worked in the store whispered.

Mickey had managed to fall asleep on his new bed while it was still on the counter. In the process, he stole the hearts of everybody present, especially mine. Then we were ready to go home.

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