The Stubborn Beagle that Saved My Life

I am going to share an amazing story with you that proves dog will always be MAN’S BEST FRIEND.

My name is Willian, and I in North Carolina. I love to spend time with different dogs and training them but a beagle taught me an interesting life lesson.

A surprise that I will never forget

It was the find day off Sunday, and I do not train dogs on Sunday because it is my day off. I like to spend it alone at home reading some good books and studying. Yes! I am a student determined to be a practicing vet in the coming year, and I am not planning to train dogs my whole life. While I was working on my assignment, the doorbell rang. When I opened the door in came my friend John who is working as a volunteer in an agency that protects pets from the miserable conditions they are living him.

He brought a beagle with him who was shivering like he is scared. I took the poor dog in my hands and took him near the water. The moment I brought him near hot water to calm him down and give him a small bath it jumped out of my hands like he was afraid of water. I changed the plans immediately and took a wet towel to clean the dirt from the puppy. The puppy got the idea from my gesture that I m not going t hurt him.

Once it was cleaned, I asked my friend that from where he brought the puppy. He said that he had been rescued from a cruel owner who used to hit the dog because she thought that this dog is the reason for her husband’s death. The real story is that her husband was trying to protect the dog when it was a puppy, and a car hit him that caused his death. After that, for two years the lady has been behaving badly with the puppy. My friend requested me to take care of the dog for a few days until they find a reasonable owner for the dog.

Some interesting secrets revealed

I served the dog with some of the dogs treats that I kept for rewarding the dogs that I trained. There was no reasonable food available I did not have enough time to go to the store, so I planned on doing all this the next day. It was the exam season, and after two weeks I had my first final paper. That I why I was not going to the college, so it was easy for me to take care of the little buddy.

It took only a few hours, and I noticed that the dog finished its meal. It felt like the dog was not given a decent meal in ages. That is why I poured him some hot milk. I started working on my assignment once again. After a few minutes, the dog was in my feet again, and I thought that I should select a name for him, considering the way he has survived and the cute looks I called him courage. He loved the name because he moved his tail every time I called him courage. I thought that the must have been tired and that is why I prepared a warm bed for the little friend to assure that he will have a proper sleep. He loved the place and the bed and fell asleep within a few minutes. I kept the sleeping and relaxing essential oil humidifier near him to assure that the courage will remain relaxed while he is sleeping.

The next day I examined the puppy, and you would be surprised to know what I found. There were burns on his entire body. Now I knew that why courage was so afraid of water. There were also various hit marks on his body. I immediately took the puppy to my senior doctor. They examined him and gave a few medications. The next stop was the agency that was protecting pets. I decided that I would take courage because he was special for me. So, I signed the forms and courage was officially mine.

Training was not an easy task

I have been trained puppies for four years now, and I knew that training a beagle is not an easy task because they are very stubborn. However, courage was a special case. He was scared of many things and even some of the huge pet toys. It was hard to handle and very confusing because I have never dealt with such cases. I was scared because I could not be harsh with him. To assure that courage would trust me and feel safe around me, I took him to the pet stores. I left him to select all the toys and food items that he would love to have.

I was extra generous with courage because I knew that is the only way I can teach him a few manners. I could not be harsh with him. It took me a week and courage, and I become best friends. I kept it near me while I trained all the other dogs. He became friendly with some of the dogs who I trained, and it was a sight worth seeing. These were some of the best days of my life.

The dog ran away 

I have spent more than a month with courage. He learned a few rules and regulation. This is the time he felt safe near water and loved to enjoy baths only when I was in the water as well. So, I took special care to assure that I will bath him in the lawn where he could enjoy with me and his toys. It was time to take him out for some interesting activities. I decided that the park would be the best place.

All his wounds were healed, I got him vaccinated, and the vet said that courage is now in excellent condition. So, I started taking courage to the park and without a leash. He was never comfortable with a leash. Courage was always near me, and that is why I never used a leash as well. It was our 2nd week in the park when suddenly courage started to hide behind my legs.

I took him into my arms because I got the idea that he is scared of something. Within a few second a lady came near me and tried to take courage out of my hands claiming that the dog was his property. I asked her to prove it, and she said there are burn marks on his legs because the dog mistakenly jumped into the hot tub. I knew that who she was, but there were no burn marks because I assured that the dog was properly healed.

However, the way courage was scared of her she knew that he was her and tried to harass me. I told her that I know everything that she has been doing to the poor animals, and I could send her to jail, but she was not going to listen and tried to snatch courage out of my hands. That was the moment my grip loosened, and courage ran into nowhere. I blamed the lady for the mistake she has done and started searching the park or courage. I tried everything that I could, but there was no sign of the pet.

Search hunt begins, and there is no clue of him

I was glad that I was friends with John because he asked the company to help me find courage. They all knew me well because they often sent a few customers who were willing to have their dogs trained. We left posters around the town and searched everywhere we could, but there was no sign of courage.

My exams were in two days, and I could not study a word until I had courage in my hand. I know that he does not know the way back home and this is the reason it has been 36 hours, and he did not come back. We even searched the entire house of that lady to assure that she was not hiding and hurting courage again. There was no sign, and even my condition was getting miserable.

Getting into the jungle alone

I thought that courage might have run into the jungle and I was willing to go inside and find him. The entire team told me that it is getting late and we could wait for the morning. I was not going to wait because I knew if anything happens t my little dog I would not be able to forgive myself. So, I told John that I am going into the jungle and if I am not back within an hour he should send a rescue team behind me.

I was ready to come with me but only agreed because I made him stay behind. I got into the jungle and started called courage by his name because I have never used the dog whistle on him because it might have been used to torture him. While I was looking in the jungle I do not know that how far I got into the jungle but there was no sign of courage and it was horrifying because I just could not lose the first ever dog that I got so attached with.

The attacking animals

I was near the stream of water, and I heard some kind of sound near the stones. I thought that it was courage and tried to go near the stones but before that, another noise came from the side.

I got scared, and my torch fell on the floor of the jungle. I could not dare to sit and pick up the torch because two huge eyes were staring directly at me. I was scared because the old weapon that I had was a knife and I did not know whether I could protect myself with the knife or not. I was trying to get away from that animal to go near the torch and try to pick it up so, and I can scare the animal with the light. But every time I moved the animal took one step closer, and I was not even sure what it was yet. It felt like this is going to be the last day of my life and I was not even going to see courage once again. I was scared, and the torch was just with my feet. It was my only chance because I was in a do or die situation and I was not planning to let it go without a fight.

Best Friends Forever

As I tried to pick the torch, the animal was ready to attack me, but at that moment, someone jumped on the animal from my back exactly where the stones were. I quickly picked the torch and saw that it was courage who was attacking a fox only to protect me.

I was surprised because courage was winning. I was not going to let courage fight alone because I knew that there might be other foxes around and they could attack us anytime, and it would be hard for us to run away if we do not get away now. So, I took the knife out of my pocket, I was not planning to kill the fox, and that is why I only struck it slightly on the leg to assure that it will only get hurt and give us time to run away. I carried courage into my arms and started running, so I do not know where. I saw a few lights in the distance and at that moment knew that John has sent in the rescue team.

They found us and helped us into the ambulance because courage was hurt. I took him to the vet immediately and got myself a few medications as well because there were scratches all over my body. I am glad that we made it through the jungle and I am sure that courage will always be my best friend.

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