My Fun Loving Beagle Likes to Track Rabbit

I crawled under the log of wood towards where I had last seen the hare. This was the third time that I would be trying to shoot a hare. It was becoming embarrassing. All my cousins and brothers had gotten a hare each, but I hadn’t gotten anything. For the past three days, they had been making fun of me.

It all started when my parents took my two older brothers and me to our grandparents’ place. We do this every time we have a holiday. We alternated between mom’s parents and dad’s parents every year and had wonderful vacations.

This time, we visited our paternal grandparents and with us were also our cousins. Of them all, I was the youngest, and the others were always making a jest of me. This was the reason why I was always trying my best to do better than they in many aspects, but I was not so lucky.

Grandpa had decided to take all eight of us hunting hares and rabbits which are many in the bush behind the family. We had been very excited to go hunting. He taught all of us how to shoot, and it was one thing that I did better than the others. Grandpa also taught us how to crawl silently to get very close to hares or rabbits before shooting. This was one thing I couldn’t do. The animals were always escaping.

The others were so good at tracking the animals that although they couldn’t shoot as well as I did, they still managed to catch a lot of hares. I went out to the bush alone while the others were playing computer games. I dressed just like grandpa had taught us.

That day, I was determined to catch at least one rabbit or hare. The others had cooked theirs and didn’t even give me out of it. They all told me to go and get mine. I left home very early in the morning. I found a quiet place where I could wait for the animals to appear.

After waiting for a very long time, I finally found them. They were so many, about ten of them. I was so excited that I raised my rifle. However, before I could shoot, they scattered. I tried to line the sight of my rifle on the animals, but before I could fire, they were already gone. It was such a frustrating day.

I was in the bush until late in the evening when grandpa and my brothers came looking for me. Grandpa told me to try, but my brothers made such great jest of me that I wanted to cry. I would have cried too if not because my brothers would never let me forget the fact.

The next day, I was up very early again. I was determined to catch one this time. All my preparations and determinations were all for naught since I didn’t even catch anything. The third day, it was the same story, and I was even prepared to give up and surrender to my brothers.

It was while I was in the room I shared with one my cousins, moping and looking sad that Chloe, one of my cousins walked in to check on me. I have four female cousins. They were not interested in hunting in any way, and they had decided not to follow us.

The other girls were older than I was and Chloe was the only one among the girls who were in closer in age to me. She was older than me with just a year. We were very close, and we do a lot of things together like wash the dishes and do the house cleaning.

“Are you alright?” she asked me.

“Of course not,” I said sullenly.

“Tell me,” she said as she sat beside me.

I began to tell her everything I had faced from my brothers and cousins. She listened attentively to what I had to say. That was one of the things I had always loved about her. When I was through, she held my arm.

“Listen, Mike, and you need to get a beagle dog,” she said.

“A what?”

“A beagle dog. They are loving dogs, always full of fun and merry. They are usually for so many things, especially for tracking hares and rabbits. They can help you fish out the animals from their hiding places. They can even direct the animals towards you so that you can be able to shoot them.”

“Really? How come I didn’t know about this before?”

“If you have some money, I can take you to a nearby place where dogs are sold. They can get you a well-trained beagle dog.”

“Let’s go right now,” I said. I had enough money.

We took grandma’s car and drove to the dog shelter. The owner of the place, a woman, took us around the place and showed us the dogs there. I saw big and scary looking dogs, gentle-looking dogs, dogs that keep barking incessantly and dogs that looked excited to see us.

We told the woman the type of dog that we wanted, and she showed us some of the beagle dogs. The dogs look so adorable, and I saw what Chloe had told me about the beagle dogs. About how stubborn they were since they were hounds.

Choosing one from the many beagle dogs was hard. They all look so adorable. I decided to close my eyes and point at one. The one I chose had three colors- brown, black and white interspersed. It looked excited as I carried it. It demanded that it be carried down, and it ran by itself towards grandma car. How it knew that it was ours, I wondered. After paying and getting instructions, we dog the dog home. I named it Samson.

My brothers and cousins made a jest of me that I had to depend on a beagle dog to help me track hares and rabbits. I ignored them all. Even with that, they were still sure that I would not be able to catch anything.

They were so wrong. Samson loved the activity as it helped me land six hares and six rabbits. When I took them home, everyone was surprised, but Chloe was not happy. She felt it was too much.

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