My beagle dog likes to chew

The early morning sun rays filtered in through the window, and I blinked rapidly as I woke up. Seeing that it was daybreak already, I was about to sit up in haste when I realized that it was weekend – I could stay in bed all I want.

A warm body nuzzled closer to me on the bed, and I patted her furry body. I had slept alone on my bed the previous night, but just like every other night, I woke up with my dog cuddled up against me.

When I had first gotten my beagle, Bullet, I had tried very hard to make her stop cuddling up with me every night to no avail. Even when I locked my bedroom door, she would stand by the door and whine until I got up to open the door for it. She sometimes reminds me of a nagging wife or mother.

Turning to face my Beagle puppy, Bullet, I saw that she was already standing on her hind limbs on the bed and it was regarding me with her dark eyes.

“What?” I snapped playfully, “Why are you staring at me like that?”

She wagged her tail and growled at me in response.

Since the day was Saturday and I didn’t really have anything planned out for the day, I decided to see if I could catch some sleep again. I had hardly closed my eyes when Bullet rested her paws on me. I groaned and hugged her to myself. I had no choice, beagles love company and attention, and if they realize that you weren’t giving them their much-deserved attention, things could go nasty.

After about five minutes, I realized that there was no way that I could catch anymore sleep, not even when Bullet was awake. I finally got up to my feet and went to the kitchen to fix something for Bullet. I sat with her as she gulped her food down. Within thirty seconds, there was nothing left in the food container. She looked up at me and whined in a low tone that told me that she wanted more of the food.

“No, buddy,” I said, running a hand through her fur, “you don’t want to get overweight, do you?”

From experience, I knew that Bullet was going to eat whatever amount of food that I gave to her which was not a very good thing as she would end up adding weight.

As if she understood what I had just said, she left the food container and settled at my feet while I ran my hand over her fur fondly. She suddenly sprang up to her feet again after about just thirty seconds of sitting on the floor. She ran over to the sitting room, and I watched her leave.

I sighed and fixed myself a cup of coffee to awaken my rather numb body and senses. I walked over to the living room, and I stopped short at the view that greeted me. Bullet was covered in a ridiculously large amount of white wool. As I moved closer, I realized that the mass of white wool was what used to be my pillow.

Bullet was busy chewing and gnawing at my pillow.

“I thought we’ve talked about this, dude?” I said.

She looked up at me, stared at me for about three seconds and went back to her chewing and gnawing task.

I finally pulled her away from the damaged pillow and placed her on my lap.

“We really need to get you a toy, don’t we?” I said to her, and she nodded.

The thing about young beagles is that they loved to play. They are extremely curious, and they could chew on practically anything. The only remedy was to provide them with toys because it wouldn’t be their fault if they chewed on things they are not supposed to chew on.

She soon sprang off my laps again and went over to the mass of wool to continue engaging it in a wrestle while ruffling the white mass. It was obvious that it was having a swell time.

“Do you know what we are going to do today? We are going to walk you down to the park then go to the local store to get you some toys, how about that?”

Bullet wiggled her ears in response.

Thirty minutes later, I was walking Bullet out of my apartment even though she really didn’t want to go. She just didn’t seem to understand that she needed to go outside. This was due largely to the fact that the climate was a bit cold and it was warm inside.

Walking her was another challenge on its own, but I had learned earlier enough to know that her leash shouldn’t be too long as she would not only want to sniff everything but also pull me in all directions. As short as her leash was, she still found a way to pull me with her in her journey.

“Such a cute dog you’ve got there,” I heard a voice say besides me, and I turned.

“Thank you,” I replied, smiling. It was a young lady that I hadn’t seen before. She was also walking a dog. I quickly ran my eyes through her body and liked what I saw.

That was another advantage to having a Beagle, people found them pleasing to the eyes, and I could say that Bullet had fetched me more friends than I can even remember.

“I’m Melody,” she said, stretching her hands towards me for a handshake.

“I’m Ray,” I replied, shaking her soft hand, “What’s her name?” I gestured at her dog.

“She’s Gaunt.”

“Gaunt? That’s quite a name. She’s Bullet.”

On sighting each other, the two dogs barked at each other for a while, and soon enough, they were both jumping up and down and obviously having fun.

“She was given to me as a birthday present a year ago, and I must say that she is my best birthday present ever,” she said when I asked when she got her dog.

“I could as well say that Bullet was a gift too. She was thrown out of a moving vehicle in front of my Mom’s shop, and we had no choice but to rush her to the vet. She had a few fractures then, but within two months, she had recovered. She’s quite a fighter.”

“Wow!” was all she could utter.

I had also been astounded by the sheer wickedness of humans when I had found Bullet that fateful night.

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