Are Beagles Good Pets?

They make great pets. If you are thinking about getting a dog for your family, then I would strongly recommend that you consider getting a beagle.

I have been raising beagles for over thirteen years, and I truly enjoy teaching people about beagle puppies and adult beagles. Beagles make great family pets because they are one of the calmest dog breeds, they do not require extreme amounts of care, and they are wonderful with children.

The calmest of the dogs that we have had over the years were our beagles. Beagles are one of the friendliest dogs, and they love nothing more than curling up to their special companion. If you are looking for a buddy, then you should consider getting a beagle. Beagle puppies are rather playful and just most puppies, they do require a bit a play time each day. However, when a beagle puppy matures they turn into one of the calmest pets ever. One of our beagles reminded us of an old man at a very young age. He would mosey around the house wagging is tail, and he was always so happy whenever he came across someone. He was spunky as a pup, but as he grew up most his days were spent relaxing.

Another great thing about beagles is that they are rather easy to maintain. Aside from their ears, they are somewhat self-sufficient. Beagles were originally bred as hunting dogs and were often kept in pens outside. They are not a breed that requires much pampering. Beagles have a short coat and they shedding is minimal. You can brush your beagle if you would like but it isn’t necessary. This breed is usually free of odor as well. It would be wise to have them bathed a few times a year, but that should be fine. The one thing that you will have to do is make sure that your beagle’s ears are clean. Beagles, like many hounds, can develop problems with their ears if they are not properly cleaned.

Lastly, the best thing about beagles is that they are such great children. Because beagles are calm and gentle, they make excellent playmates for children. Beagle puppies love to romp around with children and because of their size; they are good with even small children. Beagle puppies love to track. You can actually purchase animal scents and set up little hunting games for them. Beagles love this!

Beagle puppies will grow up into a very sweet addition to any family. I would strongly suggest looking into getting a beagle puppy for your family if you are considering getting a dog. You will not be disappointed!

They like people

Beagles seek out people and take obvious pleasure in their company. They often fulfill a childlike role and are dependent on their owners for most of their life. This dependency works both ways, and your dog becomes part of your family. It makes sense to try to match your lifestyle and preferences to the temperament and needs of the dog.

You may be looking for a dog with behavioral characteristics such as the ability to guard, herd, retrieve, or sit on your lap. Other questions you’ll need to ask yourself are what age? Size? Sex? Pure breed or not. For most pet parents, the age is considered first.

What age of dog? Of course, a puppy is delightful, especially if you’ve got children in the house, but there may be reasons why an older dog is better. If you’re looking for a good companion right from the start, a young adult dog may be best. A puppy requires someone around all day to properly house train and to develop a good relationship. If you choose an older dog, make sure it is house-trained, a dog that has been kenneled for a long time may not be.

They are small

Size is the next important consideration. Large breeds are both expensive to buy and to feed, they need a lot of space and a lot of exercises and aren’t well suited to city living in an apartment. Small and toy breeds need far less space and exercise, and they eat less too! But you must take care of young children, as toy breeds bones are fine and fragile and children can accidentally hurt them seriously. Large breeds also age quicker than the smaller breeds, and most don’t live beyond 14 years, while the smaller breeds can live to be 20 years old.

Male or female is the next consideration, and most owners have their preferences. Females are usually more demanding of attention, but they are easier to train and develop a more solid attachment to their owners. Male dogs are usually more consistent in their temperament but are more challenging to train due to their independent nature. Male’s may become so aggressive or wander so much that neutering is called for. This isn’t always successful and can change the dog’s character.

Pedigree or not? Non pedigree dogs sometimes called mongrels, have a lot in their favor. While they aren’t as predictable in terms of looks and temperament, they are much less afflicted by inherited diseases than pedigree dogs and seem to avoid some of the more common ailments. Pedigree dogs can develop ailments that are common to their breed that gets passed to each new generation. It would help if you looked into the hereditary defects of any pedigree you are considering. Most of these ailments don’t occur until the animal is old, but they will occur.

No matter what type, breed, age, size, color, or other choices of dog you make, remember, they will all need part of your time and space. Owning a pet and becoming a good pet parent is a commitment, but it can be one of the best and happiest commitments you can make, for both of you.

When the moment arrives for selecting a dog of your own, you should have a good idea of what you are looking for. If you are primarily concerned with finding an average dog, we highly recommend your local animal shelter. Not only will you be helping to relieve the local overpopulation of animals as well as possibly rescuing a loving little dog, you might meet the best friend you will ever have.

No matter where you find the right dog for you, the same basic rules will apply. You will find that a very young puppy only vaguely resembles the adult dog you admired on the street or in the show ring. Older puppies, between the ages of six and twelve months or so, go through an awkward adolescent stage during which they seem hopelessly out of proportion. You will often get a better idea of what the puppy will eventually look like if you observe the adult members of his family, (when this is possible).

Getting a beagle puppy

If you are looking for a puppy, rather than an adult dog, there are various methods of picking the best puppy from a litter. Some advice avoiding the weakest and shyest, even though the runt of the litter may turn out to be the best. Some breeders claim the mother picks out the best, so they remove the puppies from her and note which ones she brings back first. But everyone agrees that the signs of a good temperament in a very young puppy are friendliness, confidence, playfulness, and curiosity.

When you must choose a puppy from a litter, you should proceed by elimination. First of all is sex, male or female, this will eliminate 1/3 to ½ the group. Then you might consider colors or markings, next to a playful and happy attitude. But always bear in mind the role he will play in your life. Do you want an active, playful dog or one that is quiet and more reserved? Go with the one that most closely fits your lifestyle.

Choosing an adult dog is different. He has already achieved his full physical development and personality. He may also have acquired physical or mental quirks. When choosing an adult dog of unknown past, you must use all of your powers of observation. Like the puppy, a good temperament is the most important quality of all. Keep in mind that adult dogs are more difficult to train, as they have already been trained by someone else.

If you are looking for a show dog, temperament may be secondary to physical conformation. There tends to be considerable difference of temperament between the show lines or breeds, and the working lines of certain breeds. If you want a pet whom you can also show with some success, the best solution is to choose either one of the breeds in the sporting and working groups that have not been affected by artificial show standards.

Lastly, when making your final choice, choose from the heart and not so much by the book, and you both will be happier for it. You could go with a classic like Fido.

You can also use your favorite movie star or country singer, mythical figures, presidents, and family members. The sky is the limit.

Choosing a name:

* You will be calling him for the next fifteen year by this name. So pick something you really like.

* Usually one to three syllables is good for a name. It can get cumbersome to call out a long name every time. There are dogs though that have three names just like a child. Keep it simple and not too complex.

* Always use the puppy’s name when you speak to him or praise him. When he hears it next, he will come running because he knows that it’s his special word.

Take time to play with the puppy and get to know him before choosing a moniker for the pup. You may name her and find out later that it doesn’t fit. Please give it a few days to a week and see what you think then. Ask for advice from family and friends. There are all kinds of names out there. Just find one that fits your dog and makes you happy.

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