8 Cool Things to Know About Beagle Dogs

Beagles are one of the most famous breeds of dogs. These floppy-eared dogs are very fun to live with and spend time with. They have high sense of smell, and they are considered a great pet that provides protection as well. This breed of dogs has its unique features and is one of the best breeds to keep as pets. The droopy ears are the most fun part of these dogs. There are other cool things about beagles as well which are listed below.

1.      They are an old breed:

The beagles are one of the oldest breeds of dogs that their original history is not easy to remember. They had ancestors who were present in England at the time of the Roman Empire. They were developed as hunting dogs to hunt smaller preys like rabbits. The early beagles were also very miniature, tiny enough to be kept in pockets. They were of the size of 8 to 9 inches, over a period tiny beagles were bred with hounds due to which their size increased, and we come to know of the beagles that we see today.

2.      They are extreme smellers:

It is not inaccurate to say that beagles have the most superior sense of smell. If other dogs have a sense of smell ten times further than humans, beagles have a sense of smell 20 times keener. Every information that beagle seeks in is through their noses. All their brain cells are directly attached to their nose due to which every action they make is directly dependent on what they smell.

3.      Purebred beagles:

The coolest thing that you will find about beagles is that all the purebred beagles have white tipped tails. They either have full white tails, or some part of the tail will have some whiteness in it. If beagles do not have whiteness in its tail, it is not purebred. This is a fun way to know about the purity of the breed before buying a beagle.

4.      They are loud:

Another thing to know about beagle is that “beagle” in French means loud mouth or deep throat which provides an idea that they are very loud. It is said that the name of the breed comes from this feature of the dogs. They are extremely noisy when it comes to barking and baying. Beagles are said to bark whenever they smell something or see something. The howling or barking is the reaction to every smell or activity that they take in.

5.      Queen’s love for beagle:

You must not be aware of the fact that Queen Elizabeth the first had an extreme fondness for beagles. She used to have a miniature beagle that was very portable and can be easily handled.

6.      They need hobbies:

Beagles are considered to have excessive energy, and if they are left alone without providing them with any leisure work, then they will turn everything upside down. Beagles need hobbies to remain occupied, because of the strength and power they have, beagles are considered to be over enthusiastic. Their power to sniff can be utilized in a number of tracking games if you are about to leave them alone in the house prepare some tracking game for beagles to keep them occupied.

7.      They are loving:

Beagles have a happy-go-lucky nature and are very loving and caring. They are also very gentle with children and are extremely sensitive to the mood of their owners. They have an instinct to know any causality that has happened to their owner. They also have a sense of protection for their masters and are very fun to play with.

8.      Beagles are also employed:

Beagles can also be employed and have jobs as well. Due to their strong power to smell things they tend to be great working dogs. The beagle brigade is the team of dogs hired to smell food in passenger’s luggage at the airport by the Department of Homeland Security.

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