How Much Does a Beagle Dog Cost?

If you come across a breed of dog so adorable that you aren’t just admiring its fine color, smooth coat, and cute, playful conduct, you’re wondering already how much the owner could have possibly paid for it, you’re not alone, I had these same thoughts at first sight of a neighbor’s beagle dog because it was so delightful to sight.

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I Lost and then Found my Puppy


Buster is my family’s pet beagle. We’ve had him for nearly three years now, so we still think of him as a puppy, but the little guy’s pretty smart for being so young. As I laid out everything I would need to pack into my boxes, if I pointed to something across the room and asked Buster to grab it for me, he would jump to attention, bound across the room, nab the item I’d asked for, and trot right back to me, dropping the item at my feet with what looked surprisingly like a proud little smile on his face. It was ridiculously cute and surprisingly helpful. My mom had been at work all day, so it was nice to have someone working with me to get such a tricky job done.

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