Hunting with my Dog Lexi starts Barking and Digging

I clutched at my Winchester rifle tightly, even though I could make out traces of blood in the deep dark soil which characterized Pine Woods directly at the border between Bastille County and Fallow Falls; it was hard to tell where the wounded deer may have headed.

Lexis barked excitedly after sniffing the ground closely and lunged forward leaving me to scramble after him frantically, and he could get so tenacious about hunting; I had grown to trust Lexis’s instincts when it came down to smells, it was after all his thing; beagles have a great sense of smell.

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8 Cool Things to Know About Beagle Dogs

Beagles are one of the most famous breeds of dogs. These floppy-eared dogs are very fun to live with and spend time with. They have high sense of smell, and they are considered a great pet that provides protection as well. This breed of dogs has its unique features and is one of the best breeds to keep as pets. The droopy ears are the most fun part of these dogs. There are other cool things about beagles as well which are listed below.

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